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Mario Jumps Switch Sales to 10 Million in First Year

The Nintendo Switch continues to impress, closing out the year with 10 million units sold in the first nine months of release. An enormous leap following October’s modest report of only 2.6 million units sold in the US, revitalizing the faith of fans after the disappointing 13.6 million lifetime sales of the Wii U.

Defined by its portability, allowing home console experiences to readily be taken on the go, the Switch has proven to be much more than a one-trick pony. Although Game of the Year Award nominees, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey sit at the top of the Switch’s dazzling first-year lineup. Nintendo’s phenomenal support of indie titles such as breakdance inspired Floor Kids has continued to push the console as a must-have device.

In a remarkable year for gaming history, the Switch has maintained a strong presence and seems to have no intention of slowing down. Starting with the recent announcement of Bayonetta 2 and Mega Man Legacy Collection coming early 2018. As well as, the long-awaited multiplayer update for Stardew Valley, available first on the Switch, 2018 is shaping out to be another promising year.

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