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Bandai Namco Announces ‘SoulCalibur VI’

During the Game Awards this week, Bandai Namco finally announced the release of its highly anticipated SoulCalibur VI. The newest addition to the fighting franchise will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.

Bandai Namco says that SoulCaliber VI will include an epic story mode, “revamped” game mechanics, and dynamic fights enhanced by cinematic-style combat. One of these new cinematic changes is the introduction of the dynamic camera angle, which should open doors for new moves like the “Reversal Edge” that’s shown in the teaser trailer. With the Reversal Edge, players can defend against opponent attacks without pause, and directly counterattack.


According to the Bandai Namco press release, SoulCalibur IV will “revisit the events of the old SoulCalibur” and is set in the 16th century.

For now, we’re not sure of the exact release date or characters, but the game will include Mitsurugi and Sophita. With SoulCalibur’s reputation of including guest characters from other franchises, what characters would you like to see in the new iteration? Let us know!

Source: Bandai Namco

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