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Here are the Highlights and Announcements From This Year’s PlayStation Experience

Sony’s keynote for their annual PlayStation Experience conference was tonight. PlayStation Presents opened with a celebration of this year’s upcoming Sony games (both exclusive and not) in a montage.

The first game footage came from Firewall: Zero Hour, a first-person VR squad-based shooter that pits two four-person teams against each other.


Developers also revealed that the Shadow of the Colossus followup, The Last Guardian, will have a VR experience released on December 12 for free. The experience doesn’t require players to own The Last Guardian, and is intended to be a standalone demo.

Sony also presented a VR version of the popular racing title Wipeout, featuring new 3D audio remastered from the game’s collection. It’ll also offer new shop items. The game will come out in early 2018 as a free update to existing Wipeout copies.

Corey Barlog, creative director at Santa Monica Studio, came out to talk about some of the features in the new God of War. The total gameplay will be around 25-35 hours, and though the game didn’t get an official release date, it was confirmed that the game should be expected in early 2018. In an odd decision, Sony replayed some of the previously released gameplay footage from Paris Games Week.

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The next game up was Dreams, the upcoming sandbox game from Media Molecule. The game’s story mode has 3 interwoven stories, allowing for 3 different kinds of gameplay and 3 distinct settings. The game’s “imp” system is intended to allow for players to create and experience any genre within the game’s sandbox system. Dreams is also releasing in 2018, and a beta is expected to come out prior to the launch.

Quantic Dream was up next with presentations on the upcoming Detroit: Become Human, facilitated by producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere. Detroit is based on demo, Kara, and is set 20 years after that initial demo. The game will allow players to play 3 characters, including Kara herself. The conference demo showed some of the game’s mystery-solving mechanics, including special interfaces for finding clues and varying success levels and results for interactions with other characters.


The conference closed out on new gameplay trailers.

The first was Donut County, an indie game from Annapurna Interactive. The game’s objective is to swallow up objects into a small hole, which slowly grows with the more objects that it.


TigerTron released the demo for Jupiter and Mars, where “two dolphins embark on the quest of a lifetime.”


Next was Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle, which is coming in 2018. The game is also going to incorporate Ruby Rose from RWBY as one of the playable fighters.


Sony also replayed the trailer for Soulcaliber VI, which premiered last night at the Game Awards.


Next, Capcom presented its trailer for the highly anticipated Monster Hunter World. The new trailer announced that a pixelated Megaman will be available within the game, along with several of Megaman’s most famous audio tracks to play in-game.


To close, Hideo Kojima himself came out, sporting one of the mysterious robotic arms that are present in the new Death Stranding trailer.

The final announcement of this year’s pre-celebration is MediEvil, remastered for the PS4. With no release date or information beyond a brief teaser, the video ends saying details will be coming “soon”.


What’s your favorite part of the PlayStation announcements? Is there anything else you were hoping to see?

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