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Hideo Kojima & Norman Reedus Debut New Death Stranding Trailer at The Game Awards

One of the biggest unkept surprises at The Game Awards was the debut of a new Death Stranding trailer. Being a Kojima production, and given previous trailers, confusing and odd imagery was bound to take form on screen. No one could have expected this, though:

Details are still imperceptible. However, Norman Reedus’ character at least has a name now, “Sam.” Depicted in the trailer, aside from the scientific anomalies and vast mysteries, is a seemingly post-apocalyptic world. Invisible creatures are apparently one of the world’s deadlier threats; when they appear, solely evident by the visibility of their handprints, Sam instructs his two comrades not to breathe.

Reprising its role in the saga of Death Stranding trailers is the baby (Sam’s baby?) that continues to be the most puzzling aspect of the Kojima project, thus far. Additionally compelling is the following narration from Sam at the start of the new look:

“Once there was an explosion, a bang that gave birth to time and space. Once there was an explosion, a bang which sent a planet spinning in that space. Once there was an explosion, a bang which gave rise to life as we know it. Then came the next explosion…”

These words, and the images accompanying them, will undoubtedly continue to perplex audiences even after the game’s eventual release.

Following the trailer’s world premiere, Kojima shared new key art as well:

Death Stranding releases on PlayStation 4 at a currently undisclosed date.

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