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‘Elena of Avalor’ Live-Action Fancast

Disney is a money-making machine and one the many ways this gigantic company is making its money is live-action remakes. Live-action remakes of our favourite fairy tales. Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and soon Aladdin, Mulan, and The Little Mermaid will be joining the party. This week’s fancast was meant to be for Frozen, arguably the biggest Disney Princess franchise in Disney history. However, something changed my mind. I went to the cinema’s to see a little film called Coco, but I was subjected to the horror known as Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. Not only was it a horrible display of shameless money grabbing, it almost tarnished my experience enjoying a beautiful tale about the power of family. After seeing Coco a thought occurred to me, doesn’t Disney have a Latina princess, and if so, why wasn’t a short of that put in front of Coco? Not only would it fit thematically, I would have been spared the reminder that Frozen exists and is successful. (Sorry Frozen fans, I will stop hating)

So my mind wandered on this for some time. Then it struck me. Elena of Avalor should be Disney’s next project. Right now Elena can be found on the Disney Channel on her own animated show. The first Latina princess has been growing in popularity for some time. A live-action adaptation, or at the very least an animated feature for Elena should be on their radar. Coco proved there is certainly a market for it, and everybody loves Disney Princesses.

Below is not the perfect fancast. I must admit finding talented actors of Latinx descent who can sing and act is hard. Hollywood seems to be lacking in Latinx representation, how odd… Since Hollywood hasn’t given me a ton to work with I fancasted actors whom I enjoy and think fit with the characters. I hope this fancast accomplishes one thing; encourage you to watch the show, it really is lovely.


Adria Arjona as Elena

Princess Elena is a fascinating princess. True to the genre she was cursed, trapped in a magical amulet after an evil sorceress took over her kingdom. Elena is a true leader and has a huge heart. She is devoted to her kingdom and to her family. She is fierce, adventurous, and extremely loyal. Although she is seventeen, live-action adaptations tend to cast actresses older and usually disregard the established the age. I would love to see Adria Arjona. You may recognize her as Dorothy from the short-live Emerald City. She looks the part, she is a great actress, and she is meant to play a princess.


Gina Torres as Shuriki

Shuriki is Elena’s greatest foe. She is a combination of Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) and the Evil Queen (Snow White). She is a stylish villainess with a thirst for power. She is a classic Disney villain. I want an actress who can not only play a convincing villain, but a likeable one too. Is impossible to think of Gina Torres as a villain, but she is a damn good actress and can make me believe anything. A good evil Queen and sorceress needs an actress who can bring the heat, and Torres is that actress.


Alison Fernandez as Isabel

Isabel is Princess Elena’s little sister. She is a precocious, creative, and sweet girl. She finds comfort in reading and research. She is also an inventor. Elena and Isabel take care of each other because they no longer have their parents. They are each others greatest allies and best friends. Alison Fernandez currently plays Lucy on Once Upon A Time. She is playing a version of Isabel there already. She is adorable, lovable, and is just perfect for the role.


Alfonso Herrera as Esteban

Chancellor Esteban is Elena’s cousin and Shuriki accomplice. He is a mix of Jafar and Gaston minus the creepy predator part. He is boastful, proud, shameless, and a coward. He is power-hungry and has done awful things in the pursuit of his goals, he still loves his family. Alfonso Herrera starred on Sense8 and currently stars on The Exorcist. I believe he is a great actor and could play this character in various ways. Esteban is a character that could be made to be more villainess, or be made into a hapless accomplice of the real big bad. Herrera would be great at playing any of these versions of Esteban.

Diego Boneta as Gabe

Gabe is Elena’s main potential love-interest and best guy friend. He is a rising star Royal Guard and is loyal to the crown. He is confident, enthusiastic, and level-headed. He is the ideal Disney hero. Because of his protective nature he often clashes with Elena’s take charge approach. He is unsure of Mateo being the Royal Wizard, but he sets aside his worries in times of trouble. Gabe has a crush on Elena, and is set up to be her perfect match. Diego Boneta is the perfect pick for Gabe. In fact he is perfect for any Disney hero/prince, it’s a crime no one has cast him as such yet. Oh and he sings! C’mon Disney!


Maiara Walsh as Naomi

Naomi Turner is Elena’s best friend. She is very practical, pragmatic, and persevering. She and Elena compliment each other. She is very fond of Elena’s take charge attitude, which is why Elena chose her to serve on her Grand Council. Maiara Walsh may be familiar to many, because she starred as Meena Paroom on Disney’s Cory in the House. Her work as Meena and her stunning blue eyes make her an ideal choice for Naomi.


Ray Santiago as Mateo

Mateo is a wizard-in-training and is one of Elena’s closest friends. He is interested in all things magic, but isn’t the greatest at it. He deals with a great amount of self-doubt and is fearful. However, when he is needed he can put aside his fears and do what needs to be done. Ray Santiago stars as Pablo on Ash vs. Evil Dead. Pablo is Ash’s sidekick and demon killer in training. Based on Santiago’s performance I think he could nail Mateo’s adorable and passionate persona.

That’s it for my Elena of Avalor fancast. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. I will definitely revisit this fancast in the future. I also hope you check out Elena of Avalor on The Disney Channel, and go see Coco in theatres.

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