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Action Graphic Novel Shuyan Saga Arrives on iOS Devices

Shuyan Saga is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel series which comes to life with 3D combat gameplay and received an impressive 92% positive reviews from PC and MAC users on Steam since the game was introduced in August.

After winning over gamers with incredible feedback on Steam, Shuyan Saga is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Back in August, GOC was able to sit down with back-to-back People’s Choice Award winner and Shuyan Saga star, Kristin Kreuk, when she attended Fan Expo Canada. Kreuk spoke about what it was like to be the voice behind Shuyan, the beautiful artwork by Chinese comic book master, Daxiong (Star Wars, Justice League) and being a part of diversity that comes with such an amazing game.

The story follows Shuyan on her quest to become a true disciple of Kung Fu and put an end to the evil Guer horde from decimating the Five Kingdoms. With bold artwork by Daxiong, Shuyan Saga is visually striking with over 1,400 original comic panels.

Game producer, Jason Loftus said, “The team at Loft Sky Entertainment has created a mobile version of the game that players are going to love. The kung fu movements work great through intuitive taps and swipes, and the artwork looks gorgeous.”

The mobile version of the series will be available exclusively on iOS devices and will cost $2.99 USD per episode. The second and third episodes can be bought in a bundle for $3.99 USD.

Be sure to download Shuyan Saga on the App Store and join in on what is certain to be an epic journey ahead!

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