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Wolverine Getting Scripted Podcast Starring Richard Armitage

You can’t mention the X-Men, or even comicbooks, without mentioning the ruthless Wolverine. He has been a fan favorite for decades. With such a rich and complex backstory, many fans have connected with him and throughout his many iterations, that connection has never waivered.

And now…

Wolverine fans rejoice because we are gonna be getting a new series starring our favorite clawed mutant in a whole new way. Mashable is reporting that he will be starring in his own scripted podcast entitled Wolverine: The Long Night on Stitcher Premium.

Podcasts are a growing source of entertainment in today’s world that provides a sense of intimacy to listeners. Dan Silver, the VP and Head of Platforms and Marvel New Media explained why a podcast is the way to go rather than pursuing other visual platforms:

“Being in this space where we can really touch and interact with our fans in a more 24/7 basis is one of our priorities. The beauty of this medium is you can listen to it as a show when it’s first released and voraciously consume it from a habitual standpoint, or, like I do and many people do with podcasts, you can listen to it very leisurely.”

Silver went on to explain why Wolverine is the perfect character for this new media venture:

“What I love about him [Wolverine] for this specific space is he’s one of our most complex characters, just in the way he’s been depicted and evolved in many different iterations in the books. But this space allows us to explore him as a person. When you strip away the visuals of the claws and the chops and the hair and all of that stuff and you really get a chance to explore the mind and the actions through words, he’s a really interesting type of charatcer. And I think this is a Wolverine that our fans haven’t necessarily seen. And it’s very exciting for us to explore all the different nuances of him.”

Actor Richard Armitage (The Hobbit Trilogy) will play the voice of Logan. Dan Silver went on to explain why Armitage was chosen to be the voice of such an iconic character:

“You think about when you read the comics as a kid: what was the voice that you heard in your head? And it was a lot of fun to sit in a room and have those conversations. And then, all of a sudden Richard’s name came up and everybody closed their eyes and it was like that moment when you all picture everybody hearing it in their head, and you went ‘Oh yeah, of course. That would be amazing.’ And yeah, he is — he’s perfect.”

Wolverine: The Long Night will take place in the fictional town of Burns, Alaska where two agents arrive to investigate a series of murders where Logan is the prime suspect. The story will read like a crime drama where readers will get clues and twists, while trying to figure out who the killer is. What do you think Logan fans? Do you like the idea of a scripted podcast starring Wolverine? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Mashable

Wolverine: The Long Night will premiere exclusively on Stitcher Premium in Spring 2018.

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