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Young Cancer Patients Get the Chance to Turn into Superheroes

Students and faculty members from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City helped four kids with cancer to transform themselves into their superhero alter egos: Captain Cure, Sky Dancer, Speed Boy and Super Shiner, in their costumes, capes and all.

This is Captain Cure, a.k.a. Aiden Cintron, a superhero who wears a shiny blue suit and blasts magic cancer cures from his candy gun, to help children like him.

“My superpower would be to cure cancer … by giving children candy, and the candy has a medicine to cure cancer immediately. My superhero is not here to hurt or scare anybody.”

Here we have Sky Dancer, a.k.a. Mahlai Clark, a superhero who dances on the clouds, changes the weather and stops crimes.

“It could be the saddest situation and she just has the ability to turn it into something positive,” said Tanya Clark, Mahlai’s grandmother. “That’s really her. She really is her superhero.”

But they are not alone as they have Speed Boy, a.k.a. Kevin Miller, a superhero who can run like the wind in a red-and-blue suit and Super Shiner, a.k.a Chloe Mitchell, whose golden light helps her see in the dark, so she can fight bad guys at any time of day.

Speed Boy

Super Shiner

The children, all patients at NYU’s Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, worked alongside graduate students from FIT’s fashion design program to create every detail of their costumes, from designing the sketches and computer renderings to make sure the final result looked exactly as what they had imagined.

Victoria Will, a celebrity photographer, was the woman in charge of their photo shoot,  capturing the children with their costumes and makeup, taking their superhero pose. They even have a group shot, united against the evil in this world.


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Source: Today.




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