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‘The Gifted’ Will Address the X-Men Connection in the Season One Finale

It seems like Fox has a hit on their hands with their mutant-focused series, The Gifted. Throughout the show, there have been references to the X-Men and an “incident” that occurred, and it seems that we will finally have everything addressed in the season finale.

Emma Dumont,  who portrays Magneto’s daughter, Polaris on the Fox series spoke about the show’s connection to the X-Men during an interview with

Dumont said, “It’s actually something for the finale. Yeah, the X-Men, for many episodes we kept saying, ‘The X-Men chose us, the X-Men chose us.’ We find out now, the X-Men specifically chose Lorna and Johnny, Thunderbird and Polaris. They chose them. I don’t know if it’s because of their lineage, or if they have had their powers for a long time. You know, yeah, maybe their family histories, I’m not sure, but they chose them for some reason. Thunderbird had an easy time with it. He accepted the role of leader. He’s from the military, he knows what it’s like to lead, he knows what it’s like to save lives.”


Emma Dumont as Polaris (courtesy of Fox)

The fact that Lorna has been chosen as a leader is something that is more difficult for her to come to terms with than it is for some of her mutant counterparts.

Dumont explained, “Lorna, however, had spent her whole life being shamed, being told she was different, or bad, in many different ways. She has a mental illness, she has a hard time with authority, she’s a mutant, she’s all these things that are bad, no, wrong. Her father abandoned her, and her parents passed, her foster family abandoned her. There was so much she was shamed for, so it was harder for her to accept a leadership position, and we kind of see more of that towards the end of the season, which is really cool.”

Are you excited for the X-Men connection in The Gifted to be addressed? Be sure to let your voice be heard in the comment section below.

The two hour season finale of The Gifted will air January 15, 2018 at 9:00pm ET on Fox.


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