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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.9: ‘Reign’ Review

Now that we’re back from the Nazi invasion, we rejoin the real world where Sam doesn’t remember her trip, but she’s having nightmares about becoming Reign. She tries to hide it, but it’s clear she’s having trouble finding her way back to real life. It’s going to be sad when she completely loses herself.

At the DEO, Mon-El explains the 31st century and the Legion of Superheroes, while Imra idolizes Supergirl, which makes it really hard to hate her.

The ever gracious Kara invites them to her holiday party, thankfully they refuse. Everyone is there and Winn and J’onn explaining Star Wars to M’yrnn is just everything.


Jeremy Jordan as Winn and David Harewood as J’onn in the Supergirl episode Reign. Source: The CW via TV Line

Alex and Ruby have a special moment of bonding over the little girl’s love of Supergirl. Prediction: Alex will adopt Ruby after Sam/Reign dies or leaves.

In the weirdest story of the week, James and Lena are apparently attracted to each other and spend the hour investigating Morgan Edge’s possible connection to Reign’s appearance.

Did I miss the scene where James and Lena stopped hating each other and all of sudden wanted to hook up? By the way, James and Lena are the laziest couple ever. Basically the writers had two characters with nothing to do and just put them together.

Chad Lowe returns as Thomas to tell Kara what the mysterious Kryptonian symbols mean. He tries to explain how all these point to the rise of Reign the Worldkiller but, she’s understandably unbelieving, as he sounds crazy.

Reign dispatches a bunch of gun dealers without mercy and we are given a glimpse at her destructive power.

Even Supergirl can’t avoid the awkwardness of constantly running into her ex and his new wife. Imra has a heart to heart with Kara, and Kara is really vying for sainthood because she’s being so understanding about this whole situation.

Kara finally tells Mon-El how hard this all is and that he is just making her feel worse. They better be here to help Kara with this Reign story, otherwise there’s no reason for her to be put through all this heartbreak.

3x09-reign-supergirl fight

Odette Annable as Reign and Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. Source: The CW via TV Line

Tired of waiting, Supergirl burns her family symbol into the roof of CatCo, basically calling out Reign. This leads to an epic fight all over National City, where Reign gets the better of Supergirl. You’d think Kara would be tougher after fighting an evil version of herself.

Since this is the midseason finale, we need a big cliffhanger. It comes in the form of Reign dropping Kara off a building and her ending up in a coma.

She’s Supergirl so obviously she’ll come out of it, but how much damage will be done in the meantime.

In the final scene, Ruby comes downstairs to celebrate Christmas, but it’s Reign, not her mom that greets her.

The Reign storyline took awhile to get moving, but now it looks like it may finally be going somewhere. This wasn’t quite a game changing midseason finale, but it did set up a few questions for the back half of the season.

Also happening around National City:

J’onn loves Hall and Oates’ version of Jingle Bell Rock.

There’s a Central City on this Earth.

Who pays for all the property damage from the big fight?

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