‘House of Cards’ Will Go On Without Kevin Spacey

Netflix has just announced that its production on the final season of House of Cards will be moving on without Kevin Spacey. Production on the show was about 2 weeks in when several men came forward and accused Spacey of both sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The show’s sixth season will be 8 episodes long, and will focus on Robin Wright’s character, Claire Underwood, instead.

maxresdefault (17)

Production on the show will resume in early 2018. For now, it’s unclear how the show will explain Frank Underwood’s absence, but many fans were calling for Robin Wright to star instead anyway. As Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said at a conference Monday, the show should bring closure to fans. The decision will allow for a pivotal new plot, and allow all the cast and crew to continue working through the duration of the show.

In addition to being cut from House of Cards, Netflix has cut all ties with Kevin Spacey, including the film Gore, which was produced by and starring Spacey.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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