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Disney/Fox Deal Announcement May Come As Early As Next Week

Back in November, Disney and 20th Century Fox made countless headlines as it was being reported that Disney was in talks to purchase all of Fox’s TV and Film divisions. Many people were excited, especially people in the geek world who thought of comicbook properties like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four possibly joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, talks stopped and our dreams were crushed. Fox started talking to other companies like Sony but somehow Fox made its way back to Disney and negotiations continued. Now NBC is reporting that an announcement of an official deal could come as soon as next week. A deal like this is said to be worth around $60 billion.

With a powerhouse like Disney expanding it’s reach in entertainment and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon becoming more popular by the year, the executives at Fox don’t believe that they can survive the competition in the years to come. So selling off their TV and Film properties, while keeping their Fox Sports and News divisions, seems to make the most sense.

If the deal closes, Disney would own properties like Avatar, The Simpsons, the rights to the first Star Wars films, Nat Geo and more. Of course, the main properties being talked about as stated earlier are the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Fox has had moderate success with their X-Men franchise over the course of seventeen years. The bulk of that success has come rather recently with Logan and Deadpool setting the tone for a new beginning for the franchise. If this deal closes, then the producers helming the X-Men franchise may just have to answer to MCU architect Kevin Feige.

The Fanastic Four are a different story. Three attempts at adapting this iconic superhero team to the big screen have all failed so perhaps being under the Disney umbrella will be a good thing. If reports are valid, we will know the fate of this deal very soon. Do you think Fox is making the right decision or should they call it quits and keep all of their properties to themselves? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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