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Richie Keen, ‘Fist Fight’ Director, Will Direct ‘Imagine Agents’ Adaptation for Fox

Twentieth Century Fox is not only focusing on mutants for their “superhero movie agenda” as it has been reported that their project about Imagine Agents is becoming more of a reality every day that passes since it’s announcement back in 2015 when Michael Keaton joined the project as producer and lead role.



The two I.M.A.G.I.N.E. agents


For those of you who’ve never heard of Imagine Agents, we’re talking about a comic book series from Boom! Studios, published in 2013, about a world where children’s imaginary friends are watched by a special agency, but everything goes upside down when Elliot Fairview and his imaginary friend, Furdlegurr, are kidnapped by Dapple, a rogue imaginary friend that materialized in the real world, who is unhappy about the status quo and what’s to change it.

Alongside with the boy’s mother, two agents from I.M.A.G.I.N.E. must find Elliot before the undoable happens, while he battles against an army of imaginary friends who have materialized in the real world and have become a worldwide threat.



Elliot and Furdlegurr


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Richie Keen -better known for his work in Fist FightIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Mick, The Goldbergs and Disjointed- has been hired by Fox to direct this upcoming project, while Shawn Levy -director-producer of Stranger Things and Night at the Museum– has joined the project as a producer.

As the movie will have a “Men in Black” type of narrative but with imaginary friends and kids, it’s interesting to realise that so far, the team behind sounds solid and on point, with names like Simon Rich –the man responsible for Bing Bong from Inside Out and in charge of the first draft for the film–, Micheal Keaton, Michael Sugar, Ross Richie and Adam Yoelin, all of them having worked on projects for both adults and kids.

Imagine Agents joins Kerry Washington and Rashida Jones’ Goldie Vancealso with Twentieth Century Fox, but no official release date has been set for either film.

What do you think about this news? What would you like to see in Imagine Agents?
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Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

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