Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Rounds Out Cast

Netflix is continuing to expand its comic book content with a series based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s The Umbrella Academy.

The streaming service has now announced the rest of the actors playing the superhero siblings.

The live-action series, based on the Eisner award-winning Dark Horse Comics series will follow a dysfunctional family of superheroes called the Umbrella Academy as they solve their father Reginald Hardgraves’ mysterious death, all while coming apart at the seams because of their wildly different personalities and superhuman powers.

Tom-Hopper (2)
Tom Hopper Source:

Tom Hopper (Black Sails, Game of Thrones) is Luther, “upstanding to a fault,” he was raised to lead his siblings.

Emmy Raver-Lampman
Emmy Raver-Lampman Source: IMDB

Emmy Raver-Lampman is former actress Allison, who has the power of suggestion, an ability which she avoids since it puts stress on her relationships.

David Castañeda
David Castaneda Source:

David Castañeda plays Diego, a “skilled vigilante who doesn’t like being told what to do.” He wants to be the leader instead of Luther, a fact which makes him difficult to be around sometimes.

Aidan Gallagher
Aidan Gallagher Source: Twitter

Aidan Gallagher (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn) is “Number Five, a person who appears to be 13-year-old boy, but is actually a 58-year-old man stuck in a child’s body.”

Robert Sheehan
Robert Sheehan Source: empireonline

Robert Sheehan (Misfits) plays Klaus, “a drug addict and lovable mess of a human being.” He’s a middle child who can’t be completely trusted.

Ellen Page was previously cast as Vanya, the one who seems like she has no abilities.

The Umbrella Academy is set to premiere on Netflix in 2018.

Source: CBR


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