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Warner Bros. Developing ‘Cleopatra Jones’ Remake with Misha Green

As Hollywood continues its trend toward remaking everything cool, news comes that Warner Bros. is working with Misha Green (Underground, Lovecraft) on a remake of the 70s movie Cleopatra Jones.

The original starred Tamara Dobson in the title role of a government agent whose cover job as a supermodel allowed her to travel the world and fight bad guys. The story had her going up against drug dealer Mommy (Shelly Winters). The movie co-starred familiar faces Bernie Casey, Antonio Fargas and Esther Rolle.

The trailer bills Jones as a female James Bond and apparently the update will play up those comparisons even more.

Green is set to write and produce the movie.

Hollywood is in a 70s blaxploitation mood, as there are also new versions of SuperFly and Shaft in development.

So, who would like to see play the new Cleopatra Jones and Mommy?

Source: Deadline

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