With production soon underway for Captain Marvel, news has slowly but surely been coming out. We just reported that Jude Law is in negotiation talks to star as Mar-Vell, but now, it looks like we may have the jump on who Ben Mendelsohn will be playing in the upcoming film. Keep in mind that this is a rumor from an alleged source that THS has.



Ben Mendelsohn is rumored to be playing the one and only, Yon-Rogg! Colonel Yon-Rogg has rivaled Mar-Vell for quite some time and even attempted to kill our beloved Carol Danvers, who was the head of security at a base Mar-Vell worked at. It was in this moment that Danvers had the accident that caused her to gain her powers and ultimately become Ms. Marvel. According to MCU Exchange, the script is rumored to include a similar story.

No word on an official release date but be sure to catch Captain Marvel in theaters 2019! In the meantime, enjoy the lit trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.

Source: TheHashtagShow

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