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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 8 ‘Crisis on Earth-X Part 4’ Review

The final episode of the crossover offers an emotional send-off to one of the Legends which becomes the catalyst to the final battle that has plenty of action that’s a simple delight to see.

Spoilers Ahead 

Last episode we have the rest of the Legends team save the day, but Stein is dying after being shot and towards the middle of the last episode of the crossover, he dies. It’s one of the most emotional moments in all of  Legends, the literal catalyst that leads to the big fight towards the end. For the entire season they were setting up Stein’s departure from the team and one would assume it would be a sad but good transition; seeing him die trying to save everyone felt like a tragedy and he will be missed in the series.

So after Stein’s death, we get the big showdown with every hero uniting to fight the evil doppelgangers and the Nazi’s. Although it was certainly a fun watch, with plenty of action the fight itself felt devoid of any meaning. The antagonists simply weren’t a threat at all to the heroes when they teamed up; it seemed too easy. Also, why did Barry let his arch nemesis go? He just told Thawne to leave and he did… That’s gonna bite Barry in the ass later on in his series.

I will say that seeing Zari where her official costume for the first time was nice and the return of Captain Cold was amazing. Though he isn’t needed in Legends anymore, he is still a fan favorite character and it was nice seeing a kinder, well-meaning Snart with the exaggerated dialogue delivery. The Ray is a fascinating new character that I want to see more of in the future and tying him with Snart was a sweet touch.

I understand that this is a crossover, but the main focus kept staying on Barry/Iris and Oliver/Felicity. Even in the end when Barry and Iris are about to get married, Felicity has the gall to interrupt their special moment so she can marry Oliver, it was rather annoying to watch.

The last episode was basically to connect every loose thread in the story arc and for the most part, it did that well. Every issue gets resolved in the end and although there was a death in the team, the episode ended optimistically. The episode itself was good, but there was no sense of real danger or urgency such as the previous episodes.

The crossover as a whole is enjoyable, to say the least, but what did you think of the episode and crossover? Let us know! Episode nine of Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday, December 5 at  9:00pm EST on the CW.


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