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‘Hunter x Hunter’ May Return in January

According to Yonkou Productions on Twitter, the anticipated return of the Hunter x Hunter manga series may be returning to Shonen Jump soon. The account, which has been known to tweet accurate insider information about Shonen Jump releases, has announced that the series will return in 2018 in Shonen Jump Issue 9.

Issue 9 is set to release on January 29, so if reports are to be believed, Hunter x Hunter will be hitting the shelves again in 2 months.

The current hiatus, which was announced in August, was marked by an announcement in September within Weekly Shonen Jump that Hunter x Hunter creator and artist Yoshihiro Togashi would be returning to work on the manga within the year. Togashi, who suffers from back pain, often puts the series on hiatus to recover. When the hiatus first began, Togashi confirmed that he would resume working on the manga before the end of the year.

Source: CB

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