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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.8: ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1’ Review

We open in a dark, disturbing Earth-X where a ruthless Dark Arrow cuts through everyone without any trouble. It’s kind of a reminder of season one Oliver who gave zero you know whats.

Next up is a montage of the heroes fighting bad guys and monsters while trying to figure out if they RSVPed to Barry and Iris’ wedding. This scene brings up the obvious question: How do you send wedding invitations to time travelers?

supergirl-kara and barry

Melissa Benoist as Kara and Grant Gustin as Barry in Supergirl Crisis on Earth-X Part 1. Source: TV Line 

With the Danvers sisters recovering from breakups, they decide now is the time for a road trip to Earth-1 for the wedding. It’s nice to see Chyler Leigh bring Alex to the crossover fun.

Other than Alex and Kara, this is the only glimpse we’ll get of the rest of the DEO team for the next four hours, though at some point we really need to see Winn and Cisco hang out.

The girls have a spa day while the guys pick out tuxedos. It’s funny to see them try to be regular people.

Caitlin and Stein take a moment to remember Ronnie. It’s nice to see that they’re still thinking of him and that he’s represented in the crossover.

Sara and Alex meet up for the first time, have a wedding hookup and a million fan videos were just launched.


Grant Gustin as Barry and Jesse L. Martin as Joe in Supergirl Crisis on Earth-X Part 1. Source: Collider

Joe gives a beautiful speech at the rehearsal and viewers are once again reminded how spectacular Jesse L. Martin is.

Felicity brutally rejects Oliver’s proposal. She obviously meant that they can stay happily unmarried, and they will make up later, but it was still brutal.

When the minister asks if anyone wants to object, right on cue the Nazis show up and shoot him. After the commercial break we jump right back into the action and it’s so good.

All the heroes are fighting the bad guys in team ups you didn’t know you wanted to see. Sara and Alex, Mick and Killer Frost, Cisco and Oliver. These are the scenes we wait for when they say the crossover is coming.


Grant Gustin as Barry, Carlos Valdes as Cisco and Stephen Amell as Oliver in Supergirl Crisis on Earth-X Part 1. Source: Collider

In the final moments we see the attackers are actually evil Oliver aka Dark Arrow, evil Kara aka Overgirl and Reverse Flash, played by Tom Cavanagh.

Also happening around Central City:

Kara while fighting a dominator: “You guys are so last year.”

Barry talking to Oliver about Felicity: “Put a ring on it.”

Jax to Stein: “You’re trying to turn me into Spider-Man?”

Mick to the wedding planner on which side to sit on: “Well considering I’ve tried to kill the groom a couple times, I should probably sit on the bride’s side.”

Kara sings Runnin Home to You while Iris walks down the aisle.

Barry sends Wally to protect Joe and Cecile, which explains why he’s not fighting alongside the other heroes.

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