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‘Arrow’ S6 Ep.8: ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2’ Review

Supergirl leads right into Arrow, where the team has captured Prometheus and it turns out it’s Tommy Merlyn. Yes, Colin Donnell is back!

Reverse Flash, Dark Arrow and Overgirl are after a mysterious prism. Also, evil Oliver and Kara are married.

Felicity has a quick video conversation with Curtis, and that explains why the rest of Team Arrow stays in Star City for most of the episode.

Even in the middle of a Nazi invasion from Earth-X, Oliver and Felicity have time to overanalyze their relationship. She loves him but doesn’t want to get married.

Between Kara with Alex and Felicity with Iris, there’s a lot of heart to hearts in this hour.

arrow-dark arrow

Dark Arrow in Arrow Crisis on Earth-X Part 2. Source: TV Line

The Earth-1 heroes meet up with their evil counterparts. Turns out Reverse Flash is actually the same one from season one. Apparently, somehow he traveled to another Earth instead of dying.

Reverse Flash seems uncharacteristically devoted to the Nazi cause, considering he was always so self serving and egotistical.

After some tech talk and more heart to hearts, it’s time for another face off with the evil Arrowverse, only this time with more heroes in on the fight. The suiting up, then slow walking montage was a bit much, but kind of mandatory for this sort of event.

Predictably one of the bad guys, in this case Dark Arrow, attacks the tech crew at STAR Labs. Seriously, they still haven’t beefed up security at that place!?


Melissa Benoist as Overgirl in Arrow Crisis on Earth-X Part 2. Source: TV Line

The big fight of the hour has Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Alex, Firestorm and White Canary going up against Overgirl, Reverse Flash, random Nazis and Metallo.

It’s another good fight sequence but not as great as the wedding scene.

Dark Arrow runs into Mick and Killer Frost, but then Team Arrow shows up for back up.

It turns out Overgirl is dying of solar radiation and needs a new heart. This plan was all so they could capture Kara and take her heart before they take over Earth-1.

The hour ends with Iris and Felicity trapped in STAR Labs with Nazis, while the rest of the heroes are stuck on Earth-X.

There was a lot of talk about how this year’s crossover would be bigger and better and so far through two hours, it’s definitely living up to the hype.

Crisis on Earth-X continues on The Flash, then wraps up on Legends of Tomorrow.

Also happening around Central City:

Barry: “Good thing we have a metric ton of smart people and Rory”

Kara: “Why do you have a Kryptonite arrow?” Oliver: “In case a evil you ever showed up!”

Felicity: “I once caught a deranged serial killer off his face cream.”

Felicity: “It was Oliver in the High Castle.”

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