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Marvel’s Runaways Ep. 3, “Destiny” Recap (Spoilers)

Whats up guys! It’s ya boy Dorian here, back at it again with another review! I watched episode 3 of Marvel’s Runaways, so you know I had to review it! I’m really loving this series!

Episode 3 started off with a flashback to the funeral for Molly’s parents, who were killed in a fire. Molly’s Parents were also PRIDE members and it was hinted that they might have been killed by other members in pride, specifically Nico’s mom, Tina. After the funeral, Gert’s corny parents, Dale and Stacey, suggested that Molly lives with them. In the original comics, Molly’s parents weren’t killed but they deviated from the comic origin to help trim down the cast a bit.

After the funeral scene, we cut to the present day and Molly is freaking out about her missing cat clip. Her superstrength activates while she’s searching through her drawers, tossing one of them across the room. The kids gathered at the beach and Karolina showed the group a text message from Destiny saying she’s on a church trip to London. Nico was already skeptical, but once she saw that photo of destiny she called total BS. The group decided that a picture wasn’t enough proof to believe their parents, so the kid’s continued investigating the mystery.



Credit: Hulu/Marvel


The group decided to split up so they can gather info on their parents.  Gert suggested the idea of being Chase’s lookout, although she said it was to have his back, we all know she just wanted to go because of her crush on him. You ain’t slick, Gert. The two check out Chase’s father’s lab but don’t find anything too suspicious. I thought the scene where Gert looks at chase with the glasses was hilarious. Gert makes me laugh so much. Then they went to Gert’s basement, where we meet the dinosaur, Old Lace! At first, Gert and Chase were extremely terrified but the two then realized that Old Lace was obeying her commands.


Credit: Hulu/Marvel

While the rest of the kids were trying to find information about their parents, Karolina was trying to find an answer to why she was glowing when she took off her bracelet. After asking around about her bracelet, she found that nobody else sees the light when they take off their bracelets.  Even though she doesn’t find any actual answers, she does notice the paintings her grandfather drew are visually similar to what she saw when she was glowing.

Throughout the episode, we saw Tina trying to rekindle the spark that she and her husband Robert used to have before Amy died. Robert set up a reservation for him and the family, but Nico wanted to use the magical staff, so she stayed behind. While her parents are on their date, Nico finds Amy’s journals in her mom’s desk. She also uses the magical staff for the first time when she looks at one of Amy’s paper snowflakes while holding the staff. Snow filled the room and Nico ended up calling Alex to come see what happened. As Nico and Alex finish cleaning the snow, Tina arrives at the house. Nico takes off her top and gets on top Alex so her mom will be so angry about her having a boy over rather than finding out she went in her room. Ending the episode with Alex giving Nico a little kiss was great because you can tell that they have chemistry together and seeing this relationship slowly develop really does make it feel like a teen drama, something that Marvel has stayed away from until now.

To end the episode, Leslie gets a call from Tina, who tells her to turn on the news. When she turns on the TV, the news report says a body of a local girl washed up on the shore of the beach. We find out its the body is Destiny Gonzalez.  Leslie realizes what it means and the episodes end with her saying “We’re gonna need another sacrifice”.

Overall, I really enjoyed episode 3. The first 3 episodes did a great job of setting up the main storyline. Even though the kids are the main focus of the show, the adults get the necessary amount of screen time to really explore their characters and why they are a part of PRIDE. This series is off to a great start and I can assure you that it keeps picking up from here!

What did you guys think about this episode? Are you excited about Episode 4? Let us know in the comments below!






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