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Here’s The list of U. S. Theaters Showing ‘Coco’ In Spanish

Pixar’s Coco has already taken the world by storm and it’s already on the fast-track to beating Justice League at the box office.  And prior to the movie coming out in theatres, there was talk of releasing a Spanish subbed and dubbed version for viewers.  This was accomplished and movie-goers can watch this delightful and heart-warming film in Spanish throughout the U.S.

The film is already enriched with Spanish-language dialogue and music, but for those who want to watch the film completely in Spanish, that option is available.  In the Spanish version, some voice actors have been replaced with other talented actors and entertainers.  Legendary singer of Los Bukis Marco Antonio Solís will lend his vocals to the role of Ernesto de la Cruz (played by Benjamin Bratt in the English version) andLuis Ángel Gómez will join Anthony Gonzalez for the role of the young musician Miguel Rivera.  Other actors who will also be lending their voices in both the English and Spanish versions include Gael García Bernal (as Héctor), Luis Valdez (as Tío Berto), and Alfonso Arau (as Papá Julio).  Members of the Spanish-language cast include Héctor Bonilla, César Costa, Ana de la Reguera, Elena Poniatowska, Cecilia Suárez, Fernanda Tapia, and Víctor Trujillo.

For the full list, check out Pixar’s website here.

Coco is out in theaters now.

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