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9 Women We Want to See in the DCEU

Regardless of your opinion of the Justice League or the DCEU, one thing we can all agree on is that there needs to be more women. Thankfully, the DC Universe has a tremendous amount of superheroines and villainesses that can join the DCEU, each bringing their own unique abilities and personalities.

This fancast will include potential Justice League members, characters potentially see in the Justice League Dark movie and the remaining two members of the iconic Gotham City Sirens. 

Let’s get started.

Potential Justice League Members


Deborah Ayorinde as Vixen

Mari McCabe, a.k.a. Vixen is a hero who fights crime by night and by day is a businesswoman and model. She possesses a mystical totem that allows her to channel the power she needs to become the Vixen. She uses her public persona to hide her crime fighting, just as Bruce Wayne uses his billionaire persona. For this part, I fancasted Deborah Ayorinde. She made an appearance in season 1 of Luke Cage as Candace and was in the recent comedy hit Girls Trip. She has largely worked in smaller cameo roles, but she has the talent to lead a feature film.


Rachelle Lefevre as Batwoman

Katherine Kane, a.k.a. Batwoman is in many ways the female counterpart to Bruce Wayne. Tragic childhood, wealthy background, and a desire to bring justice to Gotham. A character like this needs an actress that doesn’t come with expectations. There is a slew of Hollywood actresses that have been favorited by fans, but my pick is Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre. She has largely worked in the TV realm, starring in the popular show, Under the Dome. She is has a solid career, with a ton of great performances, but she hasn’t been given a chance to really shine. I believe that she is a solid choice to play Katherine.

Partner: Katherine’s main flame is Renee Montoya. Montoya is of Dominican descent, so my top picks are Monica Raymund, Jessica Pimentel, Jackie Cruz, and Laura Gómez.


Yasmine Al Massri as Hawkgirl

Shayera Hol, a.k.a. Hawkgirl is an interesting character. Her history is complicated but the basic details remain the same. Hawkgirl has wings, she wields a mace, her people have been associated with ancient Egypt and the fictional planet, Thanagar. She is a reincarnated being, in some iterations, this is where the ancient Egypt link occurred. Regardless of her origin, I believe an actress of Middle Eastern descent should play the character. My top pick is Yasmine Al Massri, a Lebanese actress of Egyptian and Palestinian descent. She is a fantastic actress, great screen presence, and has tremendous charisma.

Partner: John Stewart, a.k.a. Green Lantern. Again there are many actors who are fan favorites, my pick would be Sterling K. Brown.


Stephanie Sigman as Green Lantern

Jessica Cruz, a.k.a. Green Lantern, is a Mexican-American woman who is one of the latest humans to inherit the Power Ring. If you have seen the Justice League, you will know that a Green Lantern will soon join the DCEU. Green Lantern’s have always been a staple of the Justice League. The popular picks are Hal Jordan and John Stewart, however, it is important to add more women to the team. The cast of Justice League also agree, so the best Green Lantern to join the team is Cruz.

My top pick is Stephanie Sigman. Her breakout performance was in Miss Bala (2011), and recently appeared in Annabelle: Creation, a Warner Bros. picture. She is a new talent on the rise in Hollywood, and she is just perfectly positioned in her career to take on a huge role like this, also WB loves to keep talent in-house so it is very likely she would get a call.


Jane Levy as Batgirl

Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl has been on a lot of people’s minds lately. She is set to be the next female superhero to get her own solo film in the DCEU, which will be written and directed by Joss Whedon. There is no need to go into what kind of character she is, she is a cultural icon. Perhaps the most iconic superheroine next to Wonder Woman from the DC comics. It is unlikely that the studio heads will allow for Babs to race-bent, so my top pick is Jane Levy. She is a talented and versatile actress who has done comedy, horror, thrillers and more. She is basically an ideal choice for Babs.

Justice League Dark Universe


Ksenia Solo as Zatanna Zatara

Zatanna Zatara is the Harley Quinn of the Justice League Dark universe. She started off as a side character, but quickly gained popularity with fans which propelled her to become one the leading members of the Justice League Dark universe. The casting of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is an example of an actress who was popular, a rising star, and a wide-spread fan-favorite for the iconic role.

There isn’t an actress that has that kind of hype for Zatanna. Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Eiza González, and Ruth Negga have been suggested numerous times, but none have really stuck out as Margot did with Harley. That is why I am picking a largely under-the-radar actress, Ksenia Solo. She is a fairly popular Canadian actress, who starred on the hit Canadian show, Lost Girl. Her performance as Kenzi is what sold me on the idea of her as Zatanna. She no longer sports the black hair, but when she does she looks the part!


Nadia Hilker as Raven

Raven is mostly associated with the Teen Titans, but if she were to be introduced in the DCEU it would be in the Justice League Dark movie. Her power set and backstory fit with JLD. She is a prominent member of the Teen Titans, so it was important to cast someone who could be peers with Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. It is still unclear how or if they will introduce Raven, but if she was to make an appearance I would like Nadia Hilker to take on the role. She is able to play a young adult or adult version of Raven, and she is only two years younger than Fisher. Hilker’s feature debut was in Spring (2014), but her credits are largely from German TV, and most recently CW’s The 100, where she played Luna. If you are familiar with the Teen Titans animated show and have seen Hilker in The 100, you will see how she is the perfect fit for the character.

Gotham City Sirens


Ruth Negga as Poison Ivy & Eva Mendes as Catwoman

The Gotham City Sirens are the most iconic female villains from Batman’s rogue’s gallery. Right now Margot Robbie stands alone as the sole Siren to have been cast in the DCEU. Gotham City Sirens is still in development with David Ayer set to direct. There have been many debates amongst fans on whether the Sirens should be race-bent and how old the actresses should be. For Poison Ivy the debate largely lies with race, however, the need for diversity and opportunities for women of color will hopefully win out, and my top pick for the role is Ruth Negga. If you have been keeping up with her public appearances you will notice that the actress has an affinity for floral patterns, you can just see her fully immersing herself into the role and becoming Poison Ivy, and a little bit of hair dye will help with the transformation.

As for Catwoman, the debate regarding her ethnic background has largely been settled, she should be played by a Cuban actress or an actress of Latinx descent. However, the tricky part is her age, many dismissing the need for an older actress, and favoring younger actresses for the part. Well, the character is a long-time rival and lover of Batman, played by Ben Affleck who is 45 years old, it would make sense if the actress playing Selina Kyle be roughly the same age. My top pick is Eva Mendes, she is of Cuban descent and is 43 years old. Her previous performances, her physique, age, and heritage make her the ideal choice to bring Catwoman to the DCEU.

That’s it! That’s the fancast! Hopefully, you like this fancast! If you have suggestions for other DC Women you hope to see on the big screen comment below or tweet @GeeksOfColor.

Graphics courtesy of Britany/@britany_murphs

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