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Casting Call For ‘Avengers 4’ Reveals Spoiler For Scarlet Witch And The Vision

In 2018 The Marvel Cinematic Universe will be releasing their biggest movie to date, Avengers: Infinity War. The Marvel Franchise has spent the past ten years building up to this film and with almost every major character coming together, it’s going to be incredible. The film has already wrapped production so now we are just waiting for that infinity War Trailer. Marvel quit playing games.

The cast is currently filming for Avengers 4. We don’t have many details yet, but we do know this will be the final face-off between the MCU heroes and Thanos!  A recent casting call for the film may have just given away a huge spoiler for Scarlet Witch and The Vision.


The casting call asks for identical twins around the age of two-years-old. This could definitely be hinting at the birth of Scarlet Witch and The Vision’s twin sons, Wiccan and Speed. In the comics, Wiccan and Speed are the sons of the two Avengers and possess magical powers and super speed.


Vision and Wanda were both introduced into the MCU in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘ and we got see their relationship grow in ‘Captian America: Civil War‘, so it would make sense for the MCU to keep building on their relationship in Avengers 3 & 4. In the comics, the children were originally just a figment of Scarlet Witch’s imagination, but were eventually made real and became heroes in the Marvel comics.

Do you think the casting call is hinting at the birth of The Vision and Scarlet Witch’s twins? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Auditions Free

Avengers: Infinity War crashes  theaters May 4, 2018


  1. Still can’t get over the fact that the MCU is giving us a robot/human relationship before an LGBT relationship. Guess those robots really need the representation or something.

  2. To be fair that “robot/human relationship” has been an Avengers story lines since the 80’s…pretty sure with all the new stories and characters an lgbt relationship isn’t far behind…

    • Maybe, if they give us a future story with Wiccan and Speed, we can get some LGBTQ rep up in the MCU (although I would like it long before that). The Young Avengers has a canon gay couple so I’m keep my fingers crossed for that (and maybe a hint at the existence of Kamala Khan in the Capt. Marvel movie.)

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