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‘Aquaman’ Won’t Use ‘Justice League’ Trick for Underwater Dialogue

Warning: This post might contain some spoilers from Justice LeagueRead carefully or not read at all if you haven’t seen the film.

Aquaman is one of the founding members of the JL and during the movie we got a glimpse of his backstory and what makes him the man he is at the time the film events are being to unfold.

One of those scenes happened underwater, alongside future Queen of Atlantis, Mera. While the scene served to introduce us to her character and move the plot for Justice League, it also gave us an interesting look at how Atlanteans talk underwater.

On that particular scene, Mera created a giant air bubble around the two of them so they could interact and have a conversation, something many fans weren’t okay with, as one of the main characteristics of Aquaman is his ability to “speak” underwater, or in his words “the water does the talking”.

After the Justice League premiere and the complaint of the “cheating” on part of the film in that particular scene, James Wan -director of the upcoming DCEU film Aquaman- took to Twitter to assure the fans, there won’t be any “cheating” on his film.

James Wan has made a name for himself as one of the most ambitious directors currently working in Hollywood, having spoken in an interview of the most challenging things he had to face while filming Aquaman.

Given the complicated nature of Arthur’s underwater world, we believe James Wan is up to the challenge, as his career speaks for itself.

What do you think about this news? What are your expectations in Aquaman?
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Aquaman is set to land in theatres on December 21, 2018, but you can catch him already along with the League in every cinema near you.

Source: James Wan

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