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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.7: ‘Wake Up’ Review

Tonight’s episode is titled Wake Up, and those words have three different meanings for three different characters.

First up is Sam, who is waking up to having powers. With too many questions, Sam goes to visit her mom Patricia (Betty Buckley) and finally finds out she’s an alien. In a callback to classic Superman stories, Patricia keeps Sam’s spaceship in the barn.

Sam decides to take a trip to find answers about her alien heritage. Hopefully, she will figure things out soon, because the single mom who works for Lena is very boring and needs Reign to make the story watchable.

supergirl 3x07-deo infirmary-everyone

Chris Wood, Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan and David Harewood in the Supergirl episode Wake Up. Source: The CW via TV Line

Her alien GPS takes her out to the middle of the desert, where a darker looking Fortress of Solitude forms from the ground. It makes sense if the good Fortress is in ice, the bad one would be in the desert.

The Fortress of Sanctuary interface tells Sam she’s a worldkiller, that she will forget Ruby and execute justice as Reign. It then gets in her head, changes things and she wakes up speaking Kryptonian.

Also waking up is J’onn’s father M’yrnn. J’onn takes his dad out into the world to discover Earth things like coffee and chess. Carl Lumbly is just great here, his childlike wonder somehow perfectly balanced with the wise older Martian.

Turns out, he has no trouble adjusting to freedom and it’s really J’onn who needs to wake up and find a life away from the DEO.

J’onn figures out he’s right, and he and M’yrnn move into an apartment together. Lumbly and David Harewood have a nice, easy chemistry with one another.

The most important story of the night is Kara and Mon-El’s reunion. When Kara, Winn and J’onn investigate a mysterious ship under the city, they find Mon-El. After a group reunion back at the DEO, Mon-El and Kara have a sweet moment but, he’s clearly hiding something. When she mentions it’s been seven months, he looks like it’s actually be longer for him.

supergirl 3x07-saturn girl-winn

Amy Jackson and Jeremy Jordan in the Supergirl episode Wake Up. Source: The CW via TV Line

It really becomes clear things have changed when Mon-El leaves the infirmary and attacks two guards. Kara knocks him out, then tearfully confronts him about how he’s changed. It’s important to take a moment and point out that Melissa Benoist is great in this scene as she explains her months long heartbreak after watching him almost die.

Mon-El convinces Winn to help him and take him back to the ship, which is where we find out that the wormhole he went through did indeed take him into the future to the 31st century. So, while it’s only been seven months for Kara, it’s actually been seven years for Mon-El. He also obviously has feelings for a woman from the ship named Imra, who will turn out to be Saturn Girl.

Imra and Mon-El are married, and if you listen close you can actually hear Kara’s heart shattering.

No wonder Kara and Alex head to Earth-1 for Barry and Iris’ wedding. A trip home for mom’s cooking is not going to fix this one.

Also happening around National City:

Wake Up was directed by Chad Lowe, who played cult leader Thomas in The Faithful.


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