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‘Crisis on Earth X’ Full Trailer Released

Since it was announced that this year’s Arrowverse crossover would feature evil versions of the heroes from a Nazi controlled Earth, fans have been anticipating the first full trailer for the event.

That trailer is finally here and it has a lot of fun moments for fans of Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow.

The clip starts with everyone gathering to celebrate Barry and Iris’ wedding, but as things often do when the teams get together, chaos ensues. Perhaps one of the best moments is the heroes instantly switching from wedding mode to fighting mode.

It is revealed that Earth-X is the 53rd Earth and is ruled by Nazis. Melissa Benoist is heavily featured as the evil Supergirl, which is quite a change for her since Kara is pretty nice all the time.

Next we get a lot of fighting scenes, followed by Oliver giving one of his rousing speeches.

Right at the end is where viewers finally get to see the good version of Leonard Snart aka Citizen Cold. He still has that same charm, though his voice isn’t as heavy as usual. Also in this scene, Supergirl’s Alex is hanging out with the Legends’ Sara and Jax.

Those are really the moments fans wait for in these crossovers. They want to see their favorite characters finally meeting up and working together.

Crisis on Earth X airs over two nights on The CW with Monday, Nov. 27 featuring Supergirl at 8 pm, followed by Arrow on a special night. Tuesday, Nov. 28 has The Flash at 8 pm and Legends of Tomorrow wrapping everything up at 9 pm.

Are you excited about this year’s crossover? Which characters are you most interested to see interacting?

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