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Black, Queer, Female Love is the Focus of new Web Series ‘195 Lewis’

Created by Rae Leone Allen & Yaani Supreme, 195 Lewis is the black and queer character centered series that we all need and deserve. The show is about a group of women living in current day Bed-stuy who are attempting to own their blackness, their queerness, and their womanhood all in a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn that is attempting to shut them down at every turn. The web series premiered earlier this week and touches on topics like polyamorous relations, sex positivity, and misogyny in lesbian culture all while illuminating black love.


The show features all women and took three years to come to fruition a fact that isn’t lost on the creators. Allen even stated herself that often times she felt the “imposter syndrome” creep in, but knew the importance of the work, especially with all the current announcements of Hollywood assault scandals, and that hearing marginalized stories are more important now than ever.

“The only thing we need to take from white men is their audacity. Women are different kind of creatures, we’re constantly asking questions and interrogating ourselves, we know we’ll be responsible with our art. We just need to get audacious…We’re showing beautiful black women on screen loving each other and being themselves. That’s revelatory in and of itself,”

The last major network show whose main plot revolved around the lives and interworkings of a group of lesbians was Showtime’s The L Word and it’s even mentioned in 195 Lewis, a bit of homage for paving the way.

Season one currently consists of five episodes that range from six to fifteen minutes and can be found on the show’s website.

Have you watched 195 Lewis yet? What are your thoughts on it? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!


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