Rumor Alert: ‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Wants Jake Gyllenhaal if Affleck Exits

The DCEU just can’t seem to catch a break these days. You have Justice League facing off against the critics and then there’s  Ben Affleck’s recent comments about making a “graceful segue” away from the DCEU that has the internet going crazy! Rightfully so, I mean with him exiting as the director for the stand-alone Batman movie (known as The Batman) and now this definitely has me stressed.


Recently on the John Campea Show, John Campea talked about the rumor that everybody wants to know: who is going to replace Affleck as Batman. Well, it’s rumored that Jake Gyllenhaal is director Matt Reeves’s first choice as a replacement. According to Campea, the movie may be outside the DCEU or it’ll take place towards the beginning of Batman’s career, prior to Batman v Superman. I personally hope for the latter as it makes the universe more cohesive and with Gyllenhaal almost 10 years younger than Affleck, it works.



I won’t lie, I’m a huge fan of Gyllenhaal as an actor and am kind of here for this casting but I want to know what you guys think? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter & share your thoughts on Justice League.

Be sure to see Justice League in theaters now!

Source: John Campea Show


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