Fans Launch Petition for WB to Release Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League

Justice League has been in the wild for a few days; thus, there are a bevy of differing opinions currently permeating the web. Some fans are generally happy with the League’s big screen debut, while others seem thoroughly disappointed in the final product. Within both camps exists a subset of fans, which will inarguably grow in number, that were expectant of more from Justice League and are actively attempting to ensure Warner Bros. delivers. The coveted more, of course, is Zack Snyder’s full cut of the film, which he purportedly showed to the studio earlier in the year prior to Joss Whedon’s being hired.

In an effort to convince Warner Bros. to release Snyder’s cut, à la Batman v Superman’s extended edition, one fan–Roberto Mata–has launched a petition on (via Furthermore, Mata’s petition calls for the inclusion of Junkie XL’s film score.

Justice League
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The petition is quite lengthy. Mata emphasizes the grievances he and others have with Justice League’s theatrical release, and passionately expresses the significance of Snyder’s vision. At the time of writing, the petition has approximately 19,000 signatures.

It seems unlikely WB will release such a cut of the film. While BvS was given the extended treatment, Suicide Squad, whose theatrical cut was reportedly not as intended by director David Ayer, received no such home release. At best, Justice League’s DVD/Blu-ray will launch with a series of deleted scenes.

Would you be interested in WB releasing a definitive Zack Snyder edition of the film? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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