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‘The Incredibles 2’ Trailer Premieres Saturday

Fans have been waiting 14 years to see the superhero family The Incredibles back on the big screen.

Now, the wait is over, as the trailer for The Incredibles 2 is set to debut Saturday, Nov. 18 on College GameDay. The show is a live preview of the week’s college football games and airs Saturday mornings on ESPN 9 am to 12 pm ET.

Disney tweeted out a video teasing the trailer.

If you haven’t seen the first one (and really you should), the movie follows the Parr family, former superheroes trying to live a normal life. When Bob can’t adjust and gets back into the hero world, the whole family must come together to fight the evil Syndrome.

Original voice cast Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson are returning along with director Brad Bird, who hopefully also returns as Edna Mode.

The Incredibles 2 hits theaters June 15, 2018.

Source: ComicBook

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