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‘Justice League’ Box Office is Tracking $110 Million For Its Opening Weekend

One day until the world sees for the first time one of DC’s most iconic group of superheroes: the Justice League and fans all over the world are eager to see it and experience this epic union, as reported by Variety.

According to the web page, the film that brings together Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, is tracking a box office debut of $110 million at 4,040 North American locations.

One thing that could help Justice League records is the fact that not only will the film premiere in the US, but all over the world as well, except for Belgium, Brazil, France, Scandinavia, and South Korea where it’ll premiere on Wednesday.


Back when Batman V Superman premiered, the film had an opening weekend box office of $166 million, so the fact that the estimate for Justice League is $110 mil might seem a little low bar, but is the kind of cash a blockbuster is expected to make at the minimum in profits.

No matter how the film performs for the critics, Justice League is expected to make approximately between $325-$355 million worldwide in its opening weekend, as the markets that consume as many superheroes as America -like China and Mexico- are viewing the film at the same time as the US.

Here at Geeks of Color, we’ve reviewed the movie in a spoiler-free way, so be sure to check it out before or after you’ve seen the film.

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The League will unite tomorrow at last.

Source: Variety.


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