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James Franco in Negotiations to Star in Multiple Man Movie

Fox is adding another memorable character to its X-Men universe. The busy actor/writer/director James Franco is in talks to play Multiple Man.

Mutant Jaime Madrox can make multiple copies of himself. Jaime has been involved in many of the X-Men’s biggest stories as part of the Fallen Angels and X-Factor.

multiple man

He previously appeared on-screen in X-Men: The Last Stand, played by Eric Dane (The Last Ship).

Fox is going all in on its X-Men films with New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix all hitting theaters in 2018.

The Multiple Man project will be produced by franchise vet Simon Kinberg.

This isn’t the actor’s first appearance in the Marvel movie world, as he was Harry Osborn in the Spider-Man films.

Franco just wrapped up the first season of the HBO drama The Deuce and will next be seen directing and starring in The Disaster Artist, which opens Dec. 1.

What do you think of Franco as Multiple Man?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. That would be dope…I remember seeing Madrox back in the old books as a background character with his full body green and yellow cat suit lol

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