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‘Coco’ Breaks Mexico’s Box-Office Record

Before Coco arrived in Mexican theatres, Minions was the highest grossing film in the country with the record of the highest rate of assistance, but now, thanks to Disney-Pixar’s newest film, that has finally being forgotten and left in the past.

In Mexico, Coco premiered two weeks ago -on October 27- as in the country Día de Los Muertos is celebrated on November 2 and Disney wanted to honour that- but now, two weeks after its premiere it has been revealed that the film has become the top film in the box office -as measured in local currency- and the one with the highest attendance rate.


Coco first saw the light of day back at the at the Morelia Film Festival on October 21, and since then has taken in $824 million pesos  -43.1 million dollars, as one dollar is 20 pesos give or take — in its first 19 days and will pass the mark of $827 million pesos -the exact amount Avengers grossed in its projection- by these weekend.

So far, Coco has broken three records at the Mexican box office:

  • Highest number of assistants in Mexico’s history: 16,430,000
  • Grossest box office of an animated film: $785,250,000 peso
  • Highest box office in 2017.

To put it in context, Coco is now on the Top 10 in Mexico’s Box Office in ALL IT’S HISTORY.

This is good news as -like I said at the beginning of the article- the movie that held the record before Coco was Minions and that’s not something one wishes to be proud of.

What do you think about this news? What are your predictions for Coco and its performance at the US Box-Office?
Let us know in the comments section down below!

Coco premieres in the US on November 22, 2017.

Source: Cine PREMIERE and Variety.

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