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Ray Fisher Would Like the Phantom Limbs in Cyborg’s Solo Film

Justice League is just a couple of days away from premiering, marking the first time we see in the big screen characters like Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash. While Aquaman and Flash have been the ones who stand out the most on social media reviews, Cyborg has been receiving some good thoughts like

But even as it is, Ray Fisher -the man in charge of playing our Cyborg- is already considering who he’d like to fight in his solo movie.

In a recent talk with Popcorn Talk, Ray revealed that he’d like the Phantom Limbs to play the villain role in the Cyborg film.

“With this kind of story, I’d love to see it be a little bit more intimate, a little bit more specific to Cyborg. There is a sort of Cyborg special that they had done years ago where he fights a group called Phantom Limbs, which is this mercenary group of cybernetically-enhanced individuals who are very much like him. I think seeing him take on people who have similar abilities but [are] a much more finely-tuned group of warriors – seeing how that all would turn out, I think would be really special.”

Ray is talking about DC Special Cyborg, a comic book series released in 2008 where Cyborg fights the Phantom Limbs. And it sure is an interesting take, as they are similar to Cyborg but on the “dark side” to put it some way.



What do you think about this news? Who would you like to see being the villain in a Cyborg film? Let us know in the comments below!

Before his solo film arrives, Cyborg will be part of the Justice League, uniting, at last, this Friday -November 17- all over the world!

Be sure to read our spoiler-free review before it hits theatres!

Source: Popcorn Talk.



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