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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 6 ‘Helen Hunt’ Review

On this episode of Legends, we dial back on the main plot and the main antagonist for the season, Mallus, to instead watch the team on one of their most fun adventures. An episode that is definitely one of the funnier ones, they were still able to take a risk in the end.

Spoilers Ahead 

We travel to 1937 Hollywood where the actual Helen of Troy becomes a Hollywood starlet and causing a war between two movie studios. The Legends decide that it’s best to have a simple mission to start a stride of consistent success, but things are never simple. Along the way of finding her, they find Damien Darhk along with his daughter, the witch from the previous episode, and Kuasa, the villain with the water totem. It’s here we get our usual melodrama as we discover that Kuasa is actually Amaya’s granddaughter who feels that she’s been betrayed of her right to own the other totems.

Darhk makes a deal with Sara, giving them the chance to live by disbanding the team and live their lives in 2017. She leaves but ultimately, declines his offer, which spells trouble towards the end, when the villains flee but Sara is unconscious. They say she’ll live but was placed in a coma and will recover in a couple days. Meaning we might not see much of Sara next episode and I’m okay with that. It’ll be interesting to see how the team works without Sara leadership….

Now Jax and Stein have a ‘Freaky Friday’ situation and switch bodies which may seem annoying, but is actually one of the funniest things in the whole episode. Towards the end of a big showdown, we get a very different Firestorm, this time, it’s Martin’s body that’s in charge and him being a grandfather, blasting energy in such an awkward way. And that’s the other thing, we know that actor Victor Garber (Stein) will be leaving the series in the middle of the season, they’re actually doing a good job of explaining why it’s best for him to depart the team while doing it in a fun comical way. He’s an old man and doesn’t have the energy for these adventures, no matter how enjoyable they are.

When the team is able to recover Helen of Troy, she has a nice moment with Zari. Helen was able to see Zari, Amaya, and Sara fight in action and was marveled by them. She’s glad that in a different time, women can be just the same as men; Zari informs her that it’s not really the case, but Helen is tired of men fighting over her like it’s her fault. Hell, Nate, Ray, and Mick were there to mainly play comedic reliefs, which is fine, as they swoon over Helen and fight over her at one point. Zari becomes sympathetic and finds a loophole in time, placing Helen on an island filled with warrior women… Themyscira! It was actually a bit of a shock to see the island even for a brief moment.

Legends have been able to find a stride and it seems to be going well. Though I would’ve preferred they mention more of the overall plot and moved it a little forward, it honestly was a fun, hilarious episode.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know! Episode seven of Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday, November 21 at  9:00pm EST on the CW.

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