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Coco Will Have a Spanish Dubbed and Subtitled Version in the U.S

A few days back, we reported that Aylin Ortiz from Wichita was asking people to sign her petition at for the possibility of seeing Pixar’s upcoming film Coco in American theatres with Spanish subtitles.

As of today, the petition has reached 403 people, and apparently one of those persons was Lee Unkrich‏, director of the film, as he revealed through his official Twitter account that the film will be released in selected theatres with it’s Spanish dubbed version and with Spanish subtitles in their English version.

In her petition, Aylin asked for a Spanish subtitled version in order for parents who only speak Spanish -or a little bit of English- to be able to enjoy this film -much like his kids- and see themselves represented in the screen.


Coco is Pixar’s newest film, centred around Día de los Muertos, a Latin American tradition celebrated all over the world, situated in a little town in Mexico called Santa Cecilia, telling the story of a boy named Miguel who wants to be just like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, and finds himself in the Land of the Dead in order to learn about his family and if he has what it needs to follow his dream.

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Coco premieres this November 22, 2017.

Source: Lee Unkrich

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