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Blizzard Considers Making An ‘Overwatch’ Movie

When it comes to game promotion, companies are no longer just putting out regular three minute trailers. It’s become the new normal to put out full cinematic shorts to help fans get hype for a game’s release. The game that has really capitalized on this new way of promotion is Blizzard and their widely popular Overwatch game.

To date, all of the Overwatch cinematic shorts add up to about 66 minutes. That’s practically an animated film. So now the question becomes, if they can make several shorts of great quality why not just make an actual animated feature film?

Tim Kilpin is the head of the consumer products division for Activision and during an interview with MCVUK, he commented on a possible Overwatch film. Check out his response:

“We would like that very much. We’re a platform and a portfolio. These franchises exist across multiple platforms, so it’s not just the game as a driver, but it’s linear content as a way to expand the audience and expand the opportunity and then esports too. Pull all that together and you’re talking about franchises that are frankly like no other.”

Turning popular games into feature length films hasn’t always been a good idea. The live action version of Warcraft that came out in theaters this past summer wasn’t the hit it was said to be so perhaps the “powers that be” don’t want that same thing to happen with Overwatch. Plus, what would an Overwatch film be rated. It’s a pretty mature game with some provocative characters. An animated film with a PG-13 rating is not that common. Perhaps they can take a page from DC Comics book and just release an animated film without putting it in theaters.

Would you be interested in Overwatch animated film? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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