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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.6: ‘Midvale’ Review

In tonight’s episode Midvale, following their heart wrenching breakups, Kara and Alex return home to visit their mom Eliza. In a nice callback they were totally driving J’onn’s spaceship convertible.

Their bedtime fight leads to an episode long flashback of the teenage Danvers sisters, who clearly don’t get along.

The girls are super competitive and don’t get along at all. Alex resents Kara for changing her life, while Kara just wants to “live with Clark and be super.”

When Kara’s best friend dies mysteriously and his telescope goes missing, the sisters’ investigation brings them closer together.

There’s not much mystery to solve as Sheriff Collins screams guilty from the moment he’s on screen.

Izabela Vidovic is just adorable as young Kara. She perfectly embodies all of Melissa Benoist’s quirks and personality traits.

Supegirl 3x06-young kara (2)

Izabela Vidovic as a young Kara Danvers in the Supergirl episode Midvale. Source: Supergirl Radio

Olivia Nikkanen looks like she and Chyler Leigh could be related. She’s got Alex’s feistiness down, and teenage Alex is already an excellent investigator.

Nerds everywhere rejoiced at the Smallville shoutout to Clark’s friend Chloe and her wall of weird. Does this mean Smallville is somehow connected and exists in the Arrowverse? Yes, it’s not the same Superman, but what if everyone else is the same. The possibilities are endless.

Sorry, I spiraled into a nerd tangent. So, back to the review.

Investigating Kenny’s death and finding out the Sheriff killed him to cover up a drug deal finally bonds them. Later in the present, Alex admits that’s when they really became sisters.

Supegirl 3x06 alex-kara (2)

Chyler Leigh as Alex and Melissa Benoist as Karain the Supergirl episode Midvale. Source: Supergirl Radio 

In a cool moment Erica Durance reappears as agent Noel Neill. Superman fans know Noel Neill was the original Lois Lane in the 1948 serial and later on The Adventures of Superman. Durance was Smallville’s Lois, so It’s a nice little Easter egg for die hard fans.

Agent Neill convinces Kara that she should be a normal kid and not use powers. For a moment it seems like she might really be Kara’s mom but, it turns out Agent Neill was really J’onn in disguise.

Midvale was a really nice exploration of the sisters’ devotion to one another and the evolution of their relationship. It was a nice break from exploding buildings and tormented villains.


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