Common to Play Lead in Digital Comic Series ‘Caster’

Multi-hyphenate artist Common has added another title to his resume, digital comic star. The rapper/actor will play the title character in LINE Webtoon’s Caster.

Out next year, Caster follows an international antiquities dealer whose jobs often find him involved in international espionage.

“It’s different than Indiana Jones,” said Common, who will also score the series. “What drew me to him — it’s something about his taste and (his knowledge of) antiquities. It’s very unique.”

caster cover_promo-final
The promo cover of Caster. Source: Deadline

Noble Transmission CEO Austin Harrison (Wild Blue Yonder), illustrator Zach Howard and Mike Raicht (The Stuff of Legend) came up with the idea.

“The character jumped into my head,” said Harrison. “Caster chases down rare antiquities. But they’re not going to museums, they’re going to bidders who give him money.”

The team is hoping to eventually produce a live-action adaptation, with Gerard Butler’s production company G-Base already on board.

Are you interested in seeing Common in Caster?

Source: Deadline

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