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Check out ‘LADYLIKE’ the Short Film Starring 2 Women with a Disturbing Secret

Lately, I have been trying to make an effort to watch more shorts films that are written by, produced by, or feature people of color. I have been bouncing around the internet and I stumbled upon the short film Ladylike which was featured on Issa Rae’s Youtube channel about 2 years ago.


Ladylike is a short film directed by Tiffany Johnson. The film is a collaboration between Tiffany and Nicholas Williams, two friends that met over ten years ago while in film school.

The two produced the short along with Jenapher Forline and Lena Waithe, producer of the highly acclaimed “Dear White People.”

The films shines in how you really feel like you get a feel of the relationship between the two main women despite the film’s short run time. The wardrobe of the entire film is spot on and there are some beautiful shots that help us understand the relationship even more.

Ladylike ends on a high note that will make you wish this was a full length feature and not a 10 minute short film!

Check out the film down below and be sure to comment and tweet to let us know what you think!






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