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Reportedly, Back in 2008 There Was Going To Be a Justice League Video Game and Film

Cancelled comic book game projects are not something unknown, as titles like Batman: Gotham By Gaslightthe first-person Avengers video game never saw the light even though they were rumoured to exist. Now is time for the Justice League to join this list, as Unseen64 has stumbled across a game that would’ve coincided with a film of the same name.

Apparently, the name of the game was Justice League Arcade, and it revolved around enabling players to take control of different characters within the League, like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, as they took on adversaries using a number of different techniques.


The name was designed as 3D beat-em-up, in development by Double Helix Games and it was set for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii back at it was set to premiere at the same time as the film, somewhere along 2008. The film was going to be directed by George Miller -the same man who brought us Mad Max: Fury Road– and going to be released under the name Justice League Mortal.

As we all know, this never came to happen, because, along the way, several complications began to appear between the film and the game. Double Helix had invested a great deal of time designing its fighting engine while Warner Bros. kept delaying the project trying to find an ideal location to shoot Mortal, as the film was reportedly having a $300 million budget and they were looking for someplace to give it tax breaks.

In the end, the film was put to sleep, to put it some way, with the game following soon after, even though Double Helix was trying to give it a separate release, feeling that it could attract DC Comics fans, but eventually all their efforts were redirected for the release of a new game, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, which came out two years later for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.
What do you think about this news? Can you imagine George Miller’s Justice League film? By the way, if you wish to see how the game would’ve turned out, be sure to check the video down below!
Source: Unseen64

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