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Ben Affleck Will Evaluate His Own Behaviour And Is Set to Donate All His Earnings From Weinstein Films to FI and RAINN

Ever since it was revealed that Harvey Weinstein -head of the Weinstein Company, producer of so many Hollywood films and well-known name in that circle- had molested, sexually harassed and raped women for more than 30 years, actors all over the world have found the courage to come forward and tell their stories, exposing names like Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Andy Signore, Chris Savino, Roy Price, to name a few.


Ben Affleck -who last month was accused of sexual harassment by Hilarie Burton and Annamarie Tendler- has decided to evaluate his own behaviour and “be part of the solution”, as said by him in an interview with The Associated Press.

“For me, that means also looking at my own behaviour and addressing that and making sure I’m part of the solution, that I’m making positive steps and that we’re calling out guys when we’re seeing behaviour that’s inappropriate. Secondarily, I think two things need to happen: one, more women need to be in positions of power so women feel comfortable coming forward and having someone to come to report to and two, it can’t just be a woman’s issue, it has to be a men’s issue as well otherwise it’ll always be an issue”

But is not just words, as at least he’s going to put his money where his mouth is by donating all his future residuals from any Weinstein or Miramax films to groups benefitting independent film and associations who help victims of sexual assault, after being inspired by Kevin Smith’s actions.

“I’m giving any further residuals that I get from either a Miramax or a Weinstein movie… to FI or to RAINN. One is Film Independent and the other is a women’s organization, and I just didn’t want to cash any more checks from the guy, you know? I don’t usually bring it up.

It was Kevin’s idea, and I thought it was a good one, and I hope it catches on. Some people probably couldn’t afford to give all their residuals away, but even if you do 10 percent, that’s something.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 1.56.22 PM.png

While there’s still a lot to work on –maybe even taking all Hollywood down– this might be a little step with good intentions in the right direction.

What do you think about this news? What’s your opinion about Ben Affleck’s actions?
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Source: TIME and Fox 5 DC.

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  1. I am very surprised but happy to see so many male actors responding to the sexual abuse allegations that have been announced as of late and I think Ben Affleck is doing the righteous thing as far as making donations.

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