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Season Two Of Iron Fist Reportedly Begins Filming Next Month

All entertainment is subjective. What you might not like, someone else might love. What you may love, someone else may despise. But that’s life. However, besides a smll percentage of fanboys and fangirls, the general consensus behind Netflix’s Iron Fist is that the show was a complete disappointment. The writing, characters and fight choreography were not well received by viewers. Marry that with a lead character who is said to be miscast, nothing positive can come from that.

Well, guess again. Screenrant is reporting via SpoilerTV that a second season of Iron Fist will be coming to a small screen near you and production will begin sooner than you think. December 6th to be exact.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix hasn’t been shy about cancelling series that their viewers don’t seem interested in. Just ask the cast of The Get Down and since the first season of Iron Fist wasn’t so well received, you would think that Danny Rand and friends would have been demoted to supporting cast members on a more popular Marvel/Netflix show like Luke Cage. 

However, who knows… perhaps season two may surprise everyone. The more recent Defenders series managed to make Finn Jones’ portryal of the Iron Fist a little more tolerable. Plus, there is always room for redemption. Only time will tell.

Are you excited for a second season of Iron Fist? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: ScreenRant

Iron Fist and The Defenders are available for streaming on Netflix.

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