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‘Justice League’ Test Screening Results Similar To ‘Wonder Woman’ Results

Justice League premiere is just around the corner and while some of us are eager and ecstatic for it to happen, people are wondering how well will it be reviewed by critics and audiences all over the world.

Warner Bros. knows this and to test screen their new film, they have decided to present it to audiences with no prior knowledge of comic books, much like they did with Wonder Woman before it premiered.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the most recent test screening to Justice League has been seen with audience scores similar to what Wonder Woman earned back in May of this year.


WSJ notes that Justice League is on track for a domestic opening over $100M -not to be taken to close to the heart, as these things tend to miss most of the time- but if true would match what Wonder Woman saw when it debuted.

Most people claim that part of Wonder Woman‘s success was its positive word-of-mouth -how well people talked about the film to other people- making it last longer in theatres than the average blockbuster. But that’s not it, as there were also who watch the movie more than one time as some weekends presented boosts in their attendance.

Maybe Justice League will experience a similar trajectory if the first audiences of the film react positively to it. Whatever the outcome, we’re pretty sure Justice League will be a financial success.


What do you think? Do you agree with this prognostics?
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The League is set to unite on November 17, 2017, just nine days away!

Source: Wall Street Journal.


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