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Earn Discounts With Your PlayStation Trophies with Sony Rewards Program

The Sony Rewards Program has made a few changes. One of the most notable is earning discounts on the PlayStation store with trophies you’ve gained during your gaming adventures.

The rules for the changes would mean that 100 silver trophies would be worth 100 points, 25 gold trophies would translate to 250 points, while 10 platinum trophies gives you 1000 points.

As it stands right now, the having 1000 points with the Sony Rewards Program will earn you a $10 discount that can be used on the PlayStation Network.

To gain full access to the trophies offer, the user must be signed up for the rewards program and have their PSN account linked before the trophies have been earned. So, any trophies you currently have, will not be eligible for this new offer.

PlayStation gamers should also note that this change to the Sony Rewards Program is only available to US customers.

What do you think of the new rewards for gaining trophies with the Sony Rewards Program? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Polygon

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