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WB Prioritizing ‘Flashpoint’, Closing In On Director

Justice League is less than two weeks away, and anticipation is building for how the DCEU will be affected.


Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. Image via Polygon

Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen is poised to be the breakout performance of the film. The promotional material has relied heavily on the comedic speedster and Miller’s explosive charisma.

The Wall Street Journal ran an article breaking down the DCEU, and how the Justice League marks the start of a new beginning for the WB.

Within the article it is stated that The Flash and his solo film, which will be inspired by the Flashpoint storyline from the comics, is being prioritized.

The article touches on how the recut Justice League is testing as well as Wonder Woman, and looks to be the success WB desperately want and need. Recently, Variety reporter, Justin Kroll, revealed that the Flashpoint will depend on how the Justice League. If this is the case, Flashpoint might actually get the green-light and finally go into production.

Toby Emmerich, president of Warner’s motion picture division, claims that The Flash is priority. He also told writer Ben Fritz that they are closing in on a director.

In September it was announced that the script had been completed. All the key characters from the flashpoint storyline have been cast throughout DCEU movies. Rick Famuyiwa, previously attached to direct, oversaw the casting of Kiersey Clemons as Iris West and Billy Curdup as Henry Allen.

The Flash solo movie has gone through many roadblocks, however, it seems WB is confident in their new direction.


Source: The Wall Street Journal.

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