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The Flash S4x5 “Girls Night Out” Review (Spoilers)

This weeks episode opens with Arrow’s Felicity Smoak making a trip to Central City for Iris’s bachelorette party. I’ve always said that I like Felicity a lot more when she is in Central City hanging out with Team Flash. It just seems like the character meshes better with Team Flash than she does with Team Arrow. I personally think Felicity would be a much better fit for The Flash than Arrow.

The Bachelor and Bachelorette party theme carried over through the entire episode, but as the title suggests this episode was the girls time to shine. Iris’s Bachelorette party took the center stage in the episode as it was the epicenter of the episode’s conflict, but also it assembled the night’s team. The night’s team consisted of Iris, Felicity, Caitlyn/Killer Frost, and Cecille. It was at Iris’s bachelorette party that we learn Caitlyn’s “friend” from her dive bar days is actually a meta human that houses a Demogorgon behind his false eye, yes that’s a Stranger Things reference. He shows up to the part and very awkwardly walks up to the table gawking and death starring at Caitlyn much to the uncomfortable surprise of the other women. It’s through the guy with the Demogorgon eye that we meed Caitlyn’s former employer Amunet, who employed her as muscle.


Amunet is played by the wonderful Kate Sackhoff who is actually really really fun and enjoyable in the role. I actually really like the character because of shes the right amount of camp, eccentric, and fed up. However, while the character was fun she definitely continued the Flash’s streak of mediocre villain designs that just seem like a cliche rather than a supervillain. Amunet’s metahuman ability is control over a metal which she uses as a gauntlet. Heres the kicker though she literally has to carry the metal around in a bucket in order for her to use it. Her powers are literally useless unless she has her bucket of metal around with her. I’m not exactly sure who approved that, but it might be one of the corniest and laughable decisions the shows made. I’m also hoping we get to see more of the metahuman that Amunet was attempting to sell during the episode. He’s currently in the Thinker’s possession which means at some point he will come back into play.

Girls Night Out

It was pretty great seeing the women of the show share scenes together that didn’t center on any of the men and actually bond. In the past 4 seasons, I think this might be the first time where Caitlyn and Iris actually bond over something that has NOTHING to do with Barry and everything to do with one of their well beings. The girls were wonderfully supportive and helpful and it was nice seeing Iris actually have a female friend. This episode, while it did feature some great girl power, made it painfully obvious that Iris doesn’t really have any female friends. The episode made it even more obvious that she doesn’t have any woc as friends besides her dad’s girlfriend. Hopefully, we get to see Iris develop a relationship with Cecille’s daughter who has introduced this episode as well. I’d love to see Iris develop closer female relationships that have absolutely nothing to do with Barry and the superhero world.

Overall the episode was pretty fun and it featured a lot of great moments between the women of the show and some comedic hijinks from Barry’s Bachelor party. It wasn’t the best episode this season, but it did a much better job of balancing comedy with serious moments when it needed to. The acting from Katie Sackhoff, Danielle Panabacker, and Hartley Sawyer is just the right amount of camp and over the top.

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