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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.5: ‘Damage’ Review

Once again Supergirl foregoes a villain of the week to feature the main characters. Damage focuses on the possible consequences of Lena’s lead bomb.

As a quick reminder, in the season two finale Lena made a lead bomb to make Earth inhabitable for the Daxamites. They all left or died.

When several children become sick from lead poisoning, Morgan Edge holds a press conference from the Luthor Children’s Hospital to accuse Lena of making all the kids sick.

Seriously what kind of sleaze uses sick kids in a hospital for an agenda? Even Maxwell Lord wouldn’t have gone that far.

s3 ep5-morgan-hospital

Adrian Pasdar as Morgan Edge in the Supergirl episode Damage. Source: The CW via TVLine

Once Lena realizes this really could be her fault, she resigns from CatCo and LCorp.

Lock her up chants at Lena’s press conference were once again out of place. Real world shoutouts are occasionally fun, but these political ones are forced and out of place.

Predictably there’s a shooting at Lena’s press conference. While not surprising, there should’ve been a warning at the opening of the episode considering the events of this weekend.

Following the shooting, drunk, guilty Lena feels sorry for herself and again laments being a Luthor. If we played a drinking game every time Lena fell into self-pity we’d be drunker than her.

Kara and Sam’s investigation shows that someone deliberately contaminated the public pool to make it look like lead poisoning.

Of course it was Morgan Edge. Who saw that coming?

There was then a ridiculous scene of Lena trapped in a plane that Edge was planning to crash in the reservoir. Supergirl saved the day and Edge set up his henchman to be the fall guy. By the way, this all happened in like five minutes.

That is Supergirl and the Arrowverse’s one big problem. The resolutions are very convenient and predictable.

s3 ep 5-alex-maggie

Floriana Lima as Maggie and Chyler Leigh as Alex in the Supergirl episode Damage. Source: The CW via TVLine

Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie can’t get past the having kids issue. As sad as this is, seems like they should’ve discussed this before the proposal. After they fall back in bed together, Maggie is a little judgmental about Alex’s desire to be a mom. In that moment it’s obvious they will never understand this part of each other.

Though they breakup, this doesn’t really feel like the end of their story.

In the final scene, Sam realizes she’s bulletproof and that’s it.

Trying to give a story a slow build is one thing, but moving at a snail’s pace while offering no character development just leaves the audience uninterested.

Also happening in National City:

Adrian Pasdar is great as Morgan Edge. So far he’s a much more fascinating villain than Sam/Reign.

James and Lena finally come to an understanding after he’s shot at her press conference.


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