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Join The Petition Asking Disney/Pixar To Release ‘Coco’ With Spanish Subtitles

Aylin Ortiz from Wichita is asking people to sign their petition for Disney/Pixar, to release their upcoming film in American theaters with Spanish subtitles.
According to Aylin, the reason to do it is because, as a Mexican-American  she wishes to see herself represented in film and media, and Coco is the perfect oportunity to begin that representation, but as she has experienced herself, she doesn’t want people to miss this oportunity due to Mexican parents not having good enough English to enjoy films.

As a Mexican-American woman who loves Disney, I don’t often find myself represented in the movies that Disney releases. COCO will soon change that with its Dia de los Muertos theme. I’m really excited to watch a Disney film full of Mexican characters & I’m sure this representation will mean a lot to Mexican children across the country. However, I worry about all the little kids with parents who may only speak Spanish fluently & have limited English skills. As a child I didn’t go to the theater very often because my parents wouldn’t be able to enjoy it with me. I remember seeing a Mexican film with them because the characters spoke Spanish & there were English subtitles. It was something we could all enjoy as a family & I think that that is something that Disney strives to do, bring families together.

I propose that Disney Pixar distributes their film to American theaters with Spanish subtitles. It would allow young children across the country, with parents who only know Spanish, to enjoy the film with them. It would even benefit people like me, who are old enough to go to the theater without their parents, but would still like to share the experience with their Spanish speaking parents. It would bring in a larger audience as well. Earlier this year, How to be a Latin Lover was released with subtitles & even though it was predicted to be a flop, it exceeded expectations because of the Latino market that it brought in. I don’t think that Spanish subtitles on this film is too much to ask, especially since the second most spoken language in the U.S. is Spanish. What better film for Disney to distribute with Spanish subtitles in America than this one? Please consider signing and sharing to make this happen & thank you for reading ❤️��


If you wish to help Alyn and make this happen, here’s the link for the petition so you can join her and spread the word for more people to join this campaing.

Be sure to let us know in the comments your opinion about this topic.

Coco premieres in the U.S on November 22, 2017.

Source: Change.Org


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